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NCT 127 members reveal their thoughts about their debut and talks about their future goals.

On recent interview with media outlet My Daily, the new sub-unit from SM Entertainment’s new group NCT talked about their debut.

NCT U members who are also member of NCT 127 reveal their thoughts on joining the new sub-unit. Taeyong reveals, “Even though I first promoted with NCT U, I felt as much excited while preparing for NCT 127 with the new members.”

New member Yuta reveals, “I was so nervous since it was my first time. However, the members who promoted with NCT U helped me out, and I was then able to relax.”

Meanwhile, member Haechan reveals the reason why he changed his name from Donghyuk during his time as a member of pre-debut group SM Rookies. He explains, “Lee Soo Man gave me the name Haechan with the meaning of becoming a new person.” Haechan also reveals that his new name means, ‘shine bright uprightly.’

NCT U maknae Mark also reveals his thoughts about not being the youngest member on NCT 127 by saying, “I am not the maknae if you look at our ages. However, I still feel like a maknae. Everyone except Haechan is older, so I feel like Haechan and I are the maknaes.”

With regards to their future goals, the boys of NCT 127 revealed that they would like to win the first place on music shows and get a rookie award.

Meanwhile, NCT 127 made their debut with the mini album “NCT #127” along with its lead single “Fire Truck.”

Check out the music video of “Fire Truck” below!