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SBS‘s ‘Roommate‘ showed the ladies of the house, Sunny, Nana, and Lee Kuk Ju, discussing in more juicy girl talk about dating and past relationships.

Nana said, “When I date someone, I don’t date him or break up with him with ease.  That’s why I haven’t dated many people.  Starting in high school, the number of people I’ve dated can be counted by the five fingers on one hand.  Among those, the longest relationship I had went two years.

Sunny asked, “Among those, are there celebrities, too?”  Sunny turned to Nana ,  because she’s become  in dating rumors with Hong Jong Hyun, and Nana didn’t say anything. Sunny said Nana is keeping in complete silence , and  she gave no hint of being in any relationship while she did experience once.

However, Nana then shared something, saying there are really limited places to go on for dates  specially when with another celebrity, like for example , in  the house,  in a car, and in a movie theater far away, and keeping the hats on their heads throughout the movie …That’s the cause of being a celebrity!