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Mystic Entertainment releases a statement regarding the concerns of fans for their artists Kim Ye Rim and Eddy Kim performing at Japan’s Fukushima area.

In 2011, a nuclear disaster had happened at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant following the tsunami and the 9.0 magnitude earthquake at Tohoku. Radioactive materials from the plant have been released, causing the residents around the area to evacuate immediately.

Fans have expressed their worries for Mystic Entertainment’s artists Kim Ye Rim and Eddy Kim who would be performing at a festival in celebration of Japan-Korea relations since the earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011.

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Mystic Entertainment has then assured the fans through Eddy Kim and Kim Ye Rim’s fan sites that there is nothing to worry about. They also revealed that they have, “checked the safety concerns before deciding to perform.”

The agency then releases a statement, “The music festival is held in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Japan-Korea treaty, which also aims in consoling and healing the Korean residents in Fukushima.”

Mystic Entertainment then addresses the issues regarding the safety of their artists, “We carefully examined the safety concerns after we have received the offer to perform at the festival. We have checked with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and have concluded that there are no serious issues.”

“Fukushima’s nuclear power plants are a sensitive topic which is why we completely understand the concerns of the fans. But, we have consulted everything with our artists before deciding with anything. Keeping the interests of our artist is our top priority,” the agency further explains.

Meanwhile, the festival will be commemorated on August 2.