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Mystic Entertainment confirms dating and marriage rumors of Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha with a non-celebrity businessman.

Recently, Narsha has been reported to be seeing a fashion business owner who has the same age as her and is considering marriage by fall of this year. Reports have also claimed that both sides have already met up with their families and are in the process of planning their wedding.

With regards to the dating and marriage rumor, Narsha’s entertainment label Mystic Entertainment responds through an official statement saying:

“Hello, this is Mystic Entertainment,

We are writing this to notify you about Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha’s dating rumor.

After confirming with Narsha, it seems that she is currently meeting a fashion businessman of the same age while considering marriage.

However, nothing has been decided yet with regards to their plans for marriage.

Please look upon their relationship warmly.

She would also be having individual projects apart from Brown Eyed Girls very soon.”

Meanwhile, aside from being a member of Brown Eyed Girls, Narsha is also known for being a cast members of the variety shows such as, “SNL Korea,” “Some Guy Some Girl,” “Match Made in Heaven” and “Invincible Youth.” She has also made her solo debut in 2010 with a self-titled album containing the tracks, “I’m In Love,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Bbi Ri Bba Bba.”

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