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Former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun reveals his thoughts on his approaching marriage with Crayon Pop member Soyul.

On the recent broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Fun Life,” Moon Hee Jun expressed, “Thank you. I am really not used to being public about relationships. I have always told me juniors to date in secret. However, I could not have a secret marriage. I feel embarrassed, but thank you for congratulating me.”

One listener then sent a message, “Welcome to hell,” to which the former H.O.T member responded, “Why is marriage a ‘hell’? It is something which a couple builds together. It could be hell, or it could also be heaven as well. I won’t go to hell,” and laughed.

Another listener then revealed that she is also getting ready for her marriage but is struggling with the planning, to this, Moon Hee Jun shared an advice by saying, “We also have lots to do since we have just started with the preparations. It is a ‘mental breakdown.’ It would be great if you could prepare for it just like how you prepare for a date. You might argue since you have different preferences, but one person could adjust for the other person.”

Moon Hee Jun’s mother also surprised him by making an unannounced visit to the studio. She stated, “He was worried about his fans a lot. I was also worried as well. That is why I stopped by today, just in case his fans are complaining. Please congratulate him.”

The singer then responded, “The fans are congratulating me. Because of all of them, Soyul has many ‘sisters-in-law, ’ and I am really happy.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Moon Hee Jun and Soyul’s upcoming marriage!