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Former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun shared his SM Entertainment audition story.

On the recent broadcast of “Singderella,” Moon Hee Jun talked about how he got into SM Entertainment and meeting Lee Soo Man.

He shared, “There was a freestyle dance battle among all of the high schools in Sonpa district. I was declared as the final winner.”

The former H.O.T member was known as ‘Songpa Yellow Pants’ since he would always wear yellow pants during his dance battles.

Moon Hee Jun then shared his SM Entertainment audition by saying, “Lee Soo Man saw me with his own eyes.”

He also revealed that he showed the SM Entertainment CEO the songs that he had written and showed him his dance moves, causing him to be accepted on the spot.

Moon Hee Jun continued, “Normally, they will send you mail two weeks after the audition. However, Lee Soo Man came up to me and told me, ‘Come starting tomorrow.’”

Heechul then commented, “If Moon Hee Jun did not exist, there would be no SM.”

Kim Tae Woo then said, “H.O.T was more like, ‘Moon Hee Jun and the Kids.’”

Meanwhile, he became the second member to join the group after auditioning. In 1996, he made his debut as a vocalist and leader of H.O.T. Following the group’s disbandment, the later pursued a solo career in music and variety.

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