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Korean cable channel Mnet is revealed to be having its first EDM (Electronic Dance Music) girl group through a competition titled “Produce 101” with the biggest group of trainees as of yet.

A total of 101 female trainees are expected to join the competition, which is the biggest number of trainees by far in a competition, thus the name of the show “Produce 101”.

According to reports, 11 trainees out of the 101 trainees would be chosen to debut together as an EDM group.

One hundred and one female trainees that come from different agencies in Korea, not including YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment who have decided not to participate, would be gathered to participate in the year-long competition program.

It is said that after the 11 trainees are chosen, they would be promoting temporarily under Mnet as an EDM girl group before they return to their respective agencies to debut under their label either as a solo act or in another girl group.

Previously, Mnet has aired several trainee programs with different Korean agencies such as “Who is Next: Win” and “Mix and Match” with YG Entertainment, “NO.MERCY” with Starship Entertainment and “SIXTEEN” with JYP Entertainment.

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The upcoming competition program “Produce 101” is set to air after the end of female hip hop competition “Unpretty Rapstar 2” which is scheduled to premiere in September.



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