Home » Mnet explains why there was no kiss performance they promised during Lee Kuk Ju and Jo Se Ho’s stage at the ‘2014 MAMA’

If you find roommates Lee Kuk Ju and Jo Se Ho enjoyable in their performance on the 2014 MAMA, you will also enjoy more when you find out that they planned to kiss during their stage performance.



It was told by the producer’s show before that like those of previous years, there will be also a surprising yet shocking kiss performance at this year’s event. The fans were disappointed when the show ended without any kiss that they were expecting. It was supposed to be during a hilarious performance of Lee Kuk Ju and Jo Se Ho. However, it turned out to be so funny and ridiculous as these two comedians are excellent in doing.

Mnet staff revealed that there should be a kiss performance but during the live broadcast, Jo Se Ho rejected Lee Kuk Ju’s with a sudden adlib, that’s why the kiss did not happen. However, even if the kiss performance didn’t happen, still they gave their fans so much joy and fun.

After Jo Se Ho sang his comic line of Taeyang‘s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and the lovely and romantic “You Who Came From The Star” OST starts to play, they got into an exciting and intimate moment before turning each other apart, then Lee Kuk Ju took Jo Se Ho’s in the neck, taking the posture of kissing.

Jo Se Ho resisted Lee Kuk Ju’s attempt of kissing yet jokingly said “This is too much. This is too much. Only look at me. I can’t lift you. I can’t do it. Even though it’s the ‘MAMA’, I can’t do it,” while Lee Kuk Ju protested, “But you have to!” bringing an even bigger round of laughter.