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MBLAQ’s Mir reveals his thoughts about enlistment for his mandatory military service.

On the recent broadcast of the KBS 2TV variety program, “Suspicious Vacation,” Mir goes on a trip to Sri Lanka along with g.o.d.’s Park Jun Hyung for his own bucket list.

During the show, Mir and Park Jun Hyung visited the sacred city of Kandy in order to experience the Buddhist Culture.

In the interview, Mir then shares, “I made my debut as an idol at a very young age, and I ran forward without any rest. I encountered a slump, and I think that I tried to run from reality a lot of times. When I happened to see someone who seemed to be more talented than me, I avoided them. For about three months, I did not leave my house at all.”

He also adds, “Around the time when this broadcast comes out, I would probably be in my military uniform already. My head feels so complicated.”

To this, Park Jun Hyung then tells Mir, “I hope that you would learn a lot and come back healthier and happier.”

Meanwhile, he recently made his enlistment for his mandatory service on July 14 where he wrote to his fans through the MBLAQ fancafe, “The suddenness of this announcement might surprise all of you, I am sorry for not telling you earlier. All Korean men must enlist when it is their time, and I have accepted that my time has come. Please do not worry about me.”


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