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Girls Day member Minah reveals her thoughts after hearing comments that she looks similar to BIGBANG leader G-Dragon.

On Minah’s recent interview with the SBS drama “Beautiful Gong Shim,” she responds to comments saying that she is G-Dragon’s doppelganger by revealing, “As of now, it is worrying.”

Viewers of Minah’s current drama “Beautiful Gong Shim,” have expressed their thoughts saying that Minah’s hairstyle and no makeup look seems to resemble BIGBANG member G-Dragon.

Minah then clarifies, “He is a hot star with world recognition which is why I like it. Also, I have heard comments like that prior to my debut with Girls’ Day, so this is really not something that surprised me.”

She also states her hopes that G-Dragon himself would not be bothered by it, Minah then reveals, “I do not really know how I should accept these comments which is why it is a little difficult. But since G-Dragon has a pretty boy image, I decided to interpret it as a compliment that I am also pretty as well.”

Meanwhile, aside from her current drama, “Beautiful Gong Shim,” the Girls’ Day member is also known for her roles in the dramas “Hello Korean,” “Sweet, Savage Family,” “The Best Future,” “Vampire Idol” and “The Miracle.”

Take a look at more of Minah’s images from her drama below and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts!

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