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Actress Min Hyo Rin clarifies her past comment about actor Song Joong Ki.

On the premiere of the new KBS2 variety show, “Unni’s Slam Dunk,” Min Hyo Rin sat down for an interview with “2 Days, 1 Night” members Cha Tae Hyun, Defconn and Kim Jong Min.

Cha Tae Hyun asks her, “Didn’t you appear on ‘Running Man’?” The actress then confirms, “At that time, Lee Jong Suk was at my left and Kim Woo Bin was at my right. It was when they were started to become known as ‘rising stars.’ Also, I have worked with Song Joong Ki in ‘Triple,’ which is one of his first productions.”

The caption below then states, ‘King Maker Min Hyo Rin?’ Signifying that she is a lucky charm for her co-stars.Min Hyo Rin Song Joong Ki

The panel then talked about how she got close to Song Joong Ki after filming a drama together and with her interviews mentioning the actor.

Min Hyo Rin then goes to clarify about mentioning Song Joong Ki on interviews by saying, “I have never brought up Song Joong Ki on my own. Whenever I got an interview, they ask me how I acted in the drama ‘Triple’ with Song Joong Ki and asked his real personality. I said he was a good listener and that he is manly, however, only reports about that went out. From Song Joong Ki’s point of view, he might think that I keep on talking about him.”

The panel then jokes about editing out this portion and making it seem like the actress is talking about Song Joong Ki again, however Min Hyo Rin protested, “Why? No, this had to be aired so that Song Joong Ki knows.”