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MBLAQ leader Sungho has updated his fans regarding MBLAQ’s upcoming comeback through his Instagram account.

The group has undergo lineup changes as two members have departed from the group to pursue individual activities. It has been revealed that they would be releasing a new album with only three members.

Seungho has recently posted a selfie on May 18 in his Instagram account and wrote, “We are currently filming a new music video, please wait a little longer A+”.

The post has immediately gained attention from fans as they have expressed their excitement for MBLAQ’s comeback as it has been 7 months since they have released “Winter” which was their seventh mini album last November of last year.


It was also announced by J.Tune Camp previously on April 21 through X Sports News that the group would be releasing a new album in June but the exact date has not been decided yet. The agency has also revealed that the three current members have participated in producing the new album and have worked hard to be able to complete the album as it will be their first album with only three members.

MBLAQ will be pursuing their group activities as a trio with Seungho, Mir, and G.O.

Former members Lee Joon and Chundoong (formerly known as Thunder) had left the group to pursue solo careers in acting and in music November of last year after MBLAQ’s Curtain Call Concert.


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