Home » Manners compared by netizens between Son Ho Joon and Nam Tae Hyun’s manners when paying drivers


As netizens are comparing  actors Son Ho Joon and WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun made a controversy and got the  attention online on pictures of them in separate situations in which they are paying a driver.

In one set of pictures, Son Ho Joon is shown respectfully giving the  payment to a driver using a two-hand variation  bowing slightly, while in another set taken  by Dispatch, the idol Nam Tae Hyun was seen stretching out his arm with the money  between his fingers toward the driver not looking at the person.

With these two different kind of  pictures, it shows two different kind of manners or characters. With this comparison few netizens got angry and brought some criticisms. Showing that kind of manner , netizens  applauded Son Ho Joon , but criticized Nam Tae Hyun for his lack of manners that was showed in the picture.

Top comments say, “Such class he has giving an adult money between his fingers,” “Wow….. goosebumps;; keke I really hate that,” and “Their true personalities show.”  One of these comments, however, defend Nam Tae Hyun, saying, “Wow.. So this is how a witch hunt happens.  People are really scary.. Such class to think you understand the whole situation based on a few pictures~  Are you a god or what keke.

It only shows how well you behave inside and outside your house where no one sees you.