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M.I.L.K is was a South Korean k-pop girl group that was signed under the management company of SM Entertainment’s sister label which is BM Entertainment in the year 2001. The name M.I.L.K is an acronym which means Made in Lovey Kin. They had disbanded when member Bae Yumi had left the group in the year 2003. And now each of the members has standing off to have their own individual projects like in the field of acting, singing, MCing, VJing, and of course modeling.

The members of the group are Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Bomi, Bae Yumi, and Park Hee Bon. Seo Hyun Jin is the lead singer of the group and she had returned to the music scene as a solo artists. There is no official album and single that has been confirmed by her but she had already released four solo tracks that are included on OSTs and in the SM Vacation compilations. She had shown her acting ability as she was chosen to be the lead female artists for the TVXQ drama called Dating On Earth. Kim Bomi on the other hand is well known even before debut as she had participated as the lead female roles in many SM artists’ music videos. Now that the group has already disbanded, she becomes the least active member. The last recent work that she has been reported was her roles in TVXQ dramas and some commercial shoots. Member Bae Yumi or Jessica Yumi Bae is the only member of the group who had left the company. She had studies at the Yonsei University while taking care of her both singing and acting career. She had starred in the independent film called “Eight Broken Fingers” that had won the Best Foreign Film on the 2006 FAIF International Film Festival Awards. She was then also nominated for the Best Actress of the leading role. The next appearance where she had seen is in the Korean zombie film. He had also taken a part in writing the rap verses for their group’s song in English language. Park Hee Bon or Park Jae Young had considered acting as the leader of the group. After the group’s disbandment, Jae Young had returned with the stage name, Park Hee Bon. She is now the most known member as she has been part in many shows alongside with SM’s biggest boy bands namely TVXQ and Super Junior. And just like Yumi she had also taken some rap verses for their song.

They have been a part of numerous collaborations alongside with the SM Town family of SM Entertainment. They have been a part of ’01 Winter Vacation in SM Town – Angel Eyes, ’02 Summer Vacation in SM Town – Summer Vacation, ’02 Winter Vacation in SM Town – My Angel, My Light, ’03 Summer Vacation in SM Town – Hello! Summer!, ’04 Summer Vacation in SM Town – Hot Mail, ’06 Summer Vacation in SM Town – Red Sun, and  ’06 Winter Vacation in SM Town – Snow Dream.