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f(x) member Luna reveals her experiences in working with EXO and INFINITE members for musicals.

During Luna’s interview with TV Daily where she discussed her new musical, “Five Course Love,” she also shared her experiences with working with fellows idols.

She reveals, INFINITE activities would often overlap with Sunggyu and Dongwoo’s musical practices. I would tend to text them to update them on what happened during the practice.”

Luna then shares, “Chen and I would almost live in the practice room. The producer would often kick us out and ask us to stop practicing so much.”

The f(x) member then gave advice to fellow idols who want to take part in a musical, by saying, “I want to tell them to practice and prepare for it a lot. The same goes to the idols who are sunbaes who would eventually become hoobaes in the musical world.”

“I would also want to practice hard, take care of the others and help out the newbies just like how I was helped out by the veterans,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Luna is known for her roles in the musicals, “Legally Blonde,” “Coyote Ugly,” “High School Musical on Stage!,” “School OZ Hologram Musical” and “In the Heights.” She will then be starring in the musical, “Five Course Love” in which she would be playing five characters.

The f(x) member has also recently made her solo debut with the EP, “Free Somebody.”

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