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f(x)’s Luna reveals who was the very first person who congratulated her during her appearance on ‘King of Mask Singer’.

In the upcoming broadcast of MBC talk show, ‘Radio Star’, f(x) member Luna along with the other eliminated contestants from the hit MBC show ‘King of Mask Singer’ including former After School member Kahi, BTOB member Sungjae as well as composer Kim Hyun Seok who was part of the celebrity panel for the show.


In the episode, Luna will be sharing the responses she has received from the people around her after finding out that she was the masked singer ‘Gold Lacquer’ who won two times in a row.

The MCs of the show asked Luna as to who was the first person to congratulate her after her appearance in the show.

Luna then responded, IU was the first person to contact me,” revealing her close friendship with IU.


“Even before my identity has been revealed, IU texted me saying ‘Gold Lacquer Luna, your singing improved a lot?’,” Luna continues.

Luna also reveals that Lee Soo Man has congratulated her and sent her a message after the show. Making labelmate and MC of ‘Radio Star’ Super Junior member Kyuhyun feel jealous.

Previously, Luna had shocked the celebrity panel as well as the viewers when she removed her mask and her identity was revealed. She also gained praises from the panel for her performances. Judge Kim Gura also joked that she should ask Lee Soo Man to buy her something delicious.

Watch Luna’s identity being revealed here!