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Lovelyz member Mijoo has suffered and injury during the group’s performance of “Destiny” on “Music Bank.”

On the recent performance of Lovelyz for the music program “Music Bank,” the group promoted their comeback song “Destiny.”

During the live performance, the Lovelyz member twisted her ankle after an awkward landing. Viewers also noticed her pain as she kept on looking down. Despite the accident, Mijoo still managed to finish the rest of the song.

A representative from Lovelyz’ agency Woolim Entertainment reveals, “Mijoo has sprained her ankle while dancing live. In spite of the pain, she finished the rest of the performance and got help from her manager while getting off the stage. She is currently examined at a hospital.”

Her ankle injury caused worry to fans and they wonder if she would be able to join the group in their next performances.

Later on, Woolim Entertainment updates the fans on her injury by saying, “Mijoo was diagnosed with an ankle ligament. To focus on her treatment, she will be missing out on Lovelyz’ performances this week. The remaining seven members will have to re-organize their choreography.”

Take a look at clip showing Mijoo accidentally twisting her ankle below:

Meanwhile, the group Lovelyz made their debut in 2014 with the album “Girls’ Invasion” and a mini-album “Lovelyz8” which was released in 2015. The group is known for their songs “For You,” “Ah-Choo,” “Hi~” and “Candy Jelly Love.”

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