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Loveholic is a South Korean modern rock group. The group’s song “Shinguru (mirage) was used to be the ending theme for the Japanese anime series Black Blood Brothers. They have also participated in different soundtracks for channels MBC and KBS. Ever since member Ji Sun had left the group, it is still unknown if the group will going to find a permanent singer or just continue their activities without the missing member since they are known to be the group as loveholics with the accompaniment of several guest vocalists.

The members are as follows: Kang Hyun Min, Lee Jae Hak and Ji Sun.

-       Kang Hyun Min was born in the 15th of September, 1969 and had made his debut as a pop musician by winning a silver prize on the 3rd Yoo Jae Ha Music Concert. Kang Hyun Min is one of the former members of the defunct male duo named llkiyebo that means a weather forecast. In the year 2001, he had released his own solo album. He had also produced music for many artists which includes The The, Park Hye Kyung, Shim Hyo Beom, Lee Moon Se, Suh Young Eun, K2, Park Ki Young, Sung Si Kyung and Yim Hyoung Joo. He have been also worked in various fields of the pop music indurty to be able to crate music for various films such as Christmas in August, A Pure Love Story and The Wonderful days.

-       Lee Jae Hak was born on the 31st of December, 1971 and is a veteran songwriter who was used to be a member of the band named The Elephant.

-       Ji Sun or Hwang Ji Sun was born on the 23rd of October, 1979 who had been singing at the Hondae clubs and was auditioned by the help of the other two members, Kang Hyun Min and Lee Jae Hak who wanted to start a band. He had left the band in the year 2007. The reason for his disappearance to the group is vague yet it was clear that the paths of him and the rest of the group are very much different to each other.

The group had also contributed in different dramas and films as the year goes by; they have been a part of the almost 18 dramas, some films and TV series. Some of the dramas and films’ OSTs that they have been part of are Singles (film), Good Person, Wonderful Life (TV series), Loveholic, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Toonibus Animation Soundtrack Collection Best We 3, Full House Sweet Love (Taiwan Version), April Snow, Spring Waltz, Great Expectations, One Fine Day, 200 Pounds Beauty, The Snow Queen Version 2, Que Sera, Sera, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Who Are You? “You will Remember Me, Boys Over Flowers and in August 2009 they have a part of the original soundtrack for the Korean movie entitled, Take Off aka Ski Jump. Most of drama OSTs that they have been part of are on MBC and KBS.