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IU’s agency LOEN Entertainment responds to the singer’s plagiarisms issues regarding the bonus track “Twenty-Three” from her newest album “Chat-shire.”

Recently, IU’s bonus track “Twenty-Three” has been accused of illegally sampling Britney Spears’ song “Gimme More.”

The fans of Britney Spears have noticed and voiced out that various sounds and voices on IU’s bonus track sounded like Britney Spears’s song. The fans have also pointed that Britney’s lyrics from her song, “Keep on rocking” could be heard on IU’s song.

On November 3, LOEN Entertainment responds to the plagiarism accusations by saying, “We learn of the issue over the weekend. We have confirmed that the composer who arranged the song used a sample from the voice samples which he purchased in the past. However, they were unsure of the origins of the voice sample, which is why we have contacted Britney Spears’ agency to confirm whether or not it was her voice.”

LOEN continues, “We plan on discussing the matter and resolving it after we have found the truth. We would notify you after we find out the results.”

The management agency also adds, “We want to apologize for not being meticulous during the album creation process and for worrying the fans. We would like to thank and apologize to the fans of Britney Spears who have brought this issue to our attention.”


Check out IU’s “Twenty-Three” below:

Check out Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” below:

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