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Leessang Company gives fans an update on Leessang’s Gil.

Gil has been out of the spotlight ever since his drunk driving incident in April of 2014, which led him to withdraw from all of the variety shows he has been appearing, including “Infinity Challenge.”

This summer, it was reported that he would be releasing a solo album after Leessang member Gary’s solo album. However, it has not happened yet. Now, his management agency Leessang Company have given the fans an update regarding on the artist.

Leessang Company told media outlet StarNews, “Gil has recently got his driver’s license again.”

They added, “It is true that he is preparing for his solo album. His exact release date is still undecided.”

Prior to their agency giving a statement on Gil, Gary and Gil performed on ‘Let’s Run Park Seoul’ music festival where the two updated the viewers on what Gil was up to.

Gary reveals, “He is finished with his long self-discipline.” However Gil then corrects him, “I still have not finished the self-discipline.”

Gary then corrects himself, “He has not finished yet. Gil Sung Joon, who is in the middle of a long self-discipline.” He then reveals, “Gil has also passed his driver’s test on his second try two weeks ago. He seriously failed at the first time, but he tried and was able to pass.”

Stay tuned for updates on Gil’s long awaited comeback!


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