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Actor Lee Won Geun reveals his thoughts regarding his image.

On a recent interview, Lee Won Geun reveals his thoughts about his pretty boy image.

When described as a ‘pretty boy’ similar to his recent role in the KBS drama “Sassy Go Go,” he commented, “I do not know if I am good looking. I have friends from my school years who are very good looking. I was always the ordinary looking one next to them. I never really got any attention for my looks.”

He added, “I am puzzled by that description. There are so many people who are very handsome. Why would they see me that way? At times, I do look okay on the screen at times, however, I can’t really tell since I see myself everyday.”

Regarding the character he played, he revealed, “Not a lot of information regarding the character was provided. I did not have any clear answer about how I should portray Kim Yeol. I discussed with the director and we have adjusted as we progressed. The director wanted me to be more cold and conceited. However, I wanted to show more cute and relaxed side of Kim Yeol when he is with his friends like Yeon Doo.”

Meanwhile, the drama “Sassy Go Go” have recently finished and the cast have shared their thoughts regarding its end.


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