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Singer Lee Soo Young reveals how her extreme diet affected her body and her career.

On the recent broadcast of SBS PowerFM‘s “Kim Chang Yeol’s Old School,” Lee Soo Young appeared as a special guest and revealed her past experience regarding dieting,

She starts by saying, “My debut song ‘I Believe‘ did so well that there were high expectations for my next album. My CEO was very attached when it comes to outward appearances so he told me to ‘lose weight.’ Which is why I ended up weighing around 38 kg back then.”

She continues, “The CEO had fiery passion and I am a very determined person myself, so I took my dieting to an extreme during the first half of my 20s. As a result, I could not quickly recover from a minor cold to the point that I could not do my promotions anymore. Which is why I did not promote my second album.”

Lee Soo Young made her debut in 1999 with “I Believe.” She is known in Korea for her powerful vocals and is considered as one of the most accomplished and famous ballad singers in the country. She also sang the official Korean version of the Final Fantasy X song “Suteki Da Ne,” titled “Eolmana Joheulkka.”

In 2010, she married her boyfriend of one year at Villa de Bailey wedding house. The following year, she announced that she is pregnant with their first child.

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