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Veteran singer Lee Seung Chul talks about his upcoming 30th anniversary concert and the juniors which he likes.

On the recent broadcast of the KBS2 talk show “Entertainment Weekly,” Lee Seung Chul talks about his upcoming concert by saying, “The fact that I would be able to sing for my fans for 30 years makes me happy.”

Lee Seung Chul also talks about his fan club by saying, “The fan club is around 28 years old. The president of the fan club has also aged.” He jokes, “Although I am thankful, my heart aches.”

The singer also expresses his discontent with his own voice and reveals, “I have always been envious of husky voices just like Im Jae Bum’s.”

When asked about the juniors which he likes, he mentions BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Kim Pil. He says, Taeyang is the junior who has everything as a musician and as an entertainer.” The singer also jokes about Taeyang saying, “He really has everything except for height.”

He also adds, “I first met Kim Pil at ‘Superstar K’, and I was thinking that I would like to produce for him.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Chul first became the main vocalist of rock band Boohwal. When he left the band in 1989, he made his solo debut with the album “Don’t Say Goodbye.” He is also a judge on the show “Superstar K.”

Lee Seung Chul is known for the songs, “My Love,” “Broken Fingernails,” “The Livelong day,” “Fate” and “Scream.”

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