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Actor Lee Sang Yoon reveals why he does not want to appear on tvN’s “Problematic Men.”

The actor who is well-known for his sexy brain has studied physics at Seoul National University which is known as one of the most prestigious universities in Korea.

In the tvN variety show “Problematic Men,” talented individuals (usually men) come out to solve difficult problems, which could be a good fit for Lee Sang Yoon. However, the actor reveals that he refused to go on the show saying, “I am afraid that my real self would get found out when I go on the show.”

He adds, “I watched the show and the questions were really hard. It is similar to when athletes go on athletic shows, they are expected to do well. I was afraid that if I go and did badly the people might say, ‘Why is he so bad?’”

He further reveals that he does not often go on variety shows since he believes that people who are entertaining should be the ones on the shows.

However, Lee Sang Yoon did show some interest on the SBS variety show “Law of the Jungle,” revealing that “Last year, a close friend of mine told me that we should go on it together. However, I could not go since it conflicted with another schedule. But when I think back, the two things which I really I hate are bugs and ghosts. Whenever I watch scary movies, I could not sleep since I keep on thinking about it. In ‘Law of the Jungle,’ they often eat bugs. It would be okay for me to be uncomfortable when sleeping, however I hate even looking at bugs.”

“I guess the conclusion is that even ‘Law of the Jungle’ is too much,” he adds with laughter.