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Lee Min Jung, Lee Byung Hun’s wife is said to be returning to their newlywed home after resolving all their misunderstanding and issues regarding Lee Byung Hun’s scandal. Sport Seoul, a media outlet in South Korea reported that Lee Min Jung will finally go back to their home after staying in her parent’s house after returning from Paris when the issue of her husband breakout.


A representative that is close to the couple stated:

“After the blackmail incident and Lee Min Jung’s staying in her parents’ house became known, they were swept up in rumors of marital issues. They cleared up the misunderstandings between them to an extent. In fact, it has become a chance for their relationship to become stronger… As much as Lee Byung Hun has resumed his activities, Lee Min Jung plans to begin taking on her official schedule.”

Another representative also stated:

“Since Lee Byung Hun is in the final stages of filming for the movie ‘The Insiders’, they had a lot of time to spend together. One of the reasons for Lee Min Jung’s temporary move to her parents’ house was due to the many reporters who came to her newlywed home… After Lee Byung Hun returns from his business trip in the States, they will naturally reunite.”


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