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The long wait is over Minoz! Its been a year since The Heirs aired where Lee Min Ho was last seen in the big screen but now he is coming back on the small screen! Yes, the much awaited movie starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won “Gangnam 1970” which was named before as Gangnam Blues launched their first trailer! Which means, the movie is nearing its way to the public.

Gangnam 1970 will be the first ever starring role of our beloved oppa, Lee Min Ho. His character in this movie is very different from his last drama The Heirs. It’s more like his character before on City Hunter, so we are expecting more of action scenes than cute and chaebol scenes from him. Gangnam 1970’s story is about two ambitious men (Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won) who will fight with each other in owning the territory Gangnam. His co-star Kim Rae Won’s last hit drama was A Thousand Days promise and if you are a long time KMovie fan, he’s the oppa who married Moon Geum Young in the hit movie My Little Bride on 2004

‘Gangnam 1970’ is a movie directed by Yoo Ha, who is known for his movies entitled ‘Once Upon a Time High School’ on 2004 and ‘A Dirty Carnival’ on 2006.