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Hallyu star Lee Min Ho wins his lawsuit against companies that used his photos in their products illegally.

The celebrity had filed a lawsuit back in June against those who have used his name and photo for the sale of the face mask product “Lee Min Ho Mayu Pack” without any permission from him and his agency.

The said product has Lee Min Ho’s photo from his previous drama “Faith.”


A representative from Lee Min Ho’s management agency Starhaus Entertainment reveals, “According to the ruling made by Seoul Western District Court, the use of Lee Min Ho’s photo to sell facial products with no contract is considered illegal. Thus, the court has decided to place a ban on the sales of companies T, K, G and those other businesses which made the unauthorized usage of Lee Min Ho’s photos.”

They add, “Lee Min Ho is currently under an exclusive contract with a well-known cosmetics brand, this is why it is impossible for him to become a model on any other cosmetics brand. We hope that consumers would not suffer any harm from similar cases like this in the future.”

The legal representative Son Suk Bong, who is in charge of handling Lee Min Ho’s suit revealed, “The products that are circulating in the market have been distributed by several companies without any contract with the agency. This behavior is not only an infringement of Lee Min Ho’s rights, it is also a disservice to the consumers as well as the tourists who visit Korea.”