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Actor Lee Min Ho and Miss A’s Suzy revealed to be no longer a couple after six months of being in a relationship.

On September 22, according to entertainment insiders, the power couple has decided to part ways and has remained to have a good senior-junior relationship.

A close acquaintance to the couple has told media outlet TV Daily that, “Their busy schedule is to blame, and because of that they naturally became distant.”

After Lee Min Ho and Suzy’s relationship went public last March, it has been revealed that they had continued to see each other as much as they could. They were also spotted by the media on their 2 nights and 3 days in London.

Previously, on Suzy reveals the reason why she fell for Lee Min Ho on Miss A’s showcase for their album “Colors.” She reveals, “I could not really say for sure, but he is understanding and caring. Also, he is a very warmhearted person, which is why I began to fall for him.”

Other reports also revealed that Lee Min Ho was the first to develop feelings for Suzy before confessing to her. His representative goes to reveal, “It was clear to us that Lee Min Ho had thought a lot about revealing his feelings for Suzy. He was worried that he would burden her with the confession, but could not hold his feelings any longer.”

After the couple’s relationship went public, it became a hot topic among fans and in the entertainment industry. Lee Min Ho even got an approval from Park Jin Young at his performance at an award show.

Meanwhile, representatives from both parties have yet to comment on the issue.