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Actor Lee Ki Woo reveals the reason why he joins the cast of “Real Men”.

On the October 25 broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Real Men,” Lee Ki Woo honestly reveals that he was going through a slump period. “For around two years, my self-confidence has been going downwards. The management company went bankrupt, I was not paid my appearance fee and my father’s health has declined,” he reveals.

Lee Ki Woo then adds, “Then, my girlfriend Lee Chung Ah suggested to join the cast. I also thought that this is what I need right now, which is why I volunteered.”

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Meanwhile, the latest broadcast of “Real Men” features Korean celebrities such as Lee Ki Woo, ZE:A’s Dongjun, Im Won Hee, Jung Gyu Woon, Kim Young Chul, Sleepy, Heo Hyung Hwan, Julien Kang, Sam Okyere, Don Spike, Dindin, Lee Yi Kyung and Lee Sung Bae.

However, they would be joining the marines instead of the usual which is being infantry soldiers. The celebrities would have to pass an initial screening by having physical tests and interviews based on the high school transcripts of the participants. Tune in on the show to see which participants could successfully join the marines!

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