Home » Lee Joon discusses his career change from being a singer to an actor

Former MBLAQ member turned actor Lee Joon talked about his career change in a recent interview.

Lee Joon shares to media outlet Herald POP, “I have always worked really hard. Compared to when I was doing both in the past and when I am focusing on acting now, I could not say that I am putting in more effort now. I have worked hard then, and I am working hard now. I am still the same.”

“My first specialty was dance. I have done Korean dance, ballet and promoted as a singer. But, out of all the different areas, acting got my interest. I think that I will have the most fun with this,” he added.

Lee Joon also shared, “These days, there is not as much prejudice against the idols who start to act, right? Idols who act are not necessarily bad at acting. After School member Nana had great reviews and she was an idol for a long time. ZE:A’s Siwan is a singer. However, he is also doing great as an actor. So, I think that the fact that starting out as an idol and acting ability has nothing to do with each other.”

When asked about his thoughts on the advantages of being an idol who tries to venture into acting, Lee Joon responded, “Honestly, I think that everyone else will agree, if you are an idol, you could get casted easier.”

The actor then joked, “However, strange enough, I used to not get casted at all that much.”

Meanwhile, Lee Joon is currently appearing on the MBC drama, “Woman Who Pulls a Career.”