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Actor Lee Jin Wook and his management agency file a countersuit for false accusation against sexual assault complainant known as “A.”

Previously, the agency released a statement apologizing about the sexual assault controversy and assuring the fans that the actor would be cooperating with the police for the investigations.

Later, the agency reveals that they have filed a false accusation complaint against “A.” They have also clarified the rumors of Lee Jin Wook’s alleged relationship with the complainant.

They reveal, “Lee Jin Wook was introduced to ‘A’ through a mutual acquaintance. Although Lee Jin Wook planned to continue meeting her with interest, the two of them are not dating contrary to what was reported in some news outlets.”

Some insiders revealed that the two were dating prior to the sexual assault controversy.

Previously, “A” claimed that after having dinner and parting ways with the actor on the evening of July 12, Lee Jin Wook came to her home that night and sexually assaulted her. “A” then filed a complaint two days after and received examinations from a police hospital. The police then requested for an analysis of the underwear which “A” wore during the alleged time of the assault. She was questioned on July 15 and will be called in for additional questioning if needed.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook has been reported to have gone to the Suseo police station for questioning on July 17.

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