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F.T. Island front man Lee Hongki discusses bowling with actor Kim Soo Hyun and his longtime friendship with actress Park Shin Hye.

As the singer actor recently became the DJ of “Kiss the Radio,” filling the position of Super Junior’s Leeteuk who took over following Ryeowook’s leave, Lee Hongki then talks about his hobbies and his friendship with other celebrities.

Since Park Shin Hye became the first special guest for Lee Hongki’s debut broadcast, he introduced him by saying, “She is a South Korean actress. But, to me, she is a girl who is a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The F.T. Island member then shares his thoughts about bowling by saying, “Lately, I have been bowling and I have been drinking less alcohol. As my exercise time increases, I think that there is nothing that is really been bothering me. I have been basically living at the bowling alley. After this radio broadcast, I could go bowling.”

“I am practicing a lot. Both Kim Soo Hyun and I have been really practicing. Originally, we were planning not to say anything and about trying out and just take the test so that we would both not feel a bit burdened.” Lee Hongki also adds.

Both actors are among the list of celebrities who have sent in their application to become professional bowlers for this year. The celebrity applicants will then meet at the preliminaries on October 21 and will be assigned a uniform and a match.


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