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Lee Hi, who has recently made her comeback, talks about her long hiatus and her comeback with “Breathe.”

She reveals, “The song ‘Breathe’ offers comfort and consolation to the listeners, it offered the same to me when I was still recording it.”

The song “Breathe” was one of the title tracks on Lee Hi’s comeback album “Seoulite.” The other title track is “Hold My Hand.”

The album is also her first solo release in three years since her debut album “First Love” which was released back in March of 2013.

With regards to her long hiatus, Lee Hi reveals, “I think that I was really worried since even though I was only a rookie, I was on hiatus for three years. I was worried that I would be forgotten, and if the fans would like the Lee Hi in her 20s when they had liked me when I was in my teens.”

Half of her album “Seoulite” would be released this month while the full album would be released next month. YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed that they wanted to extend the time period for which Lee Hi could promote the songs on her hold which is why they split the album release.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi’s comeback is also look forward to by fans since it is produced under Epik High Tablo’s label HIGHGRND and since “Breathe” was composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun.


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