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Actor Lee Dong Gun has recently shared his thoughts on his relationship with T-ara member Jiyeon.

Lee Dong Gun has written a letter on his own fan café to address his relationship with Jiyeon.

“I don’t even remember how long I have left Korea anymore, I have finished filming a movie and now I am filming a drama in Shanghai. We are about one-third of the way now, I still have a long way to go,” Lee Dong Gun reveals.

He continues to explain,“In the end, I have lost to the surprising power of social media. Firstly, I am very sorry to have informed you of the news through the media.”

Lee Dong Gun then explains what he likes about Jiyeon, he reveals, “Jiyeon and I are now slowly getting to know each other. Although she is younger than me, I have never felt the age gap with her. She is a smart and careful person and I can rely on her, since you know, I am still immature.”

“What is certain is that I would not be swayed with those negative comments. I will protect her,” the actor addressed those who have left negative comments on their relationship.

Then Lee Dong Gun asks fans to support them, “Please stay on my side and on our side. There are not many people on our side yet.” He continues, “I have no doubts that this is the relationship, love and person that I have waited for. I will do well. Please trust me and watch.”


What do you think of Lee Dong Gun’s letter?