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Members of rock band LedT post their goodbyes on SNS following the band’s disbandment.

The band previously debuted in 2010 as LEDApple under Starkim Entertainment and has gone through several lineup changes. Moreover, they changed their band name into LedT since last year.

All members of the band, Kyumin, Hyoseok and Youngjun as well as former member Hanbyul have posted their message to the fans through their SNS accounts.

Youngjun writes, “Thank you to all of the fans who have cheered on LEDApple and LedT until now. It was a very happy time and I would never forget the love and support that LEDA gave us. Thank you. I love you!”

Kyumin writes, “From #Ledapple to #Ledt , I wanna thank y’all for supporting me all these years Thanks again for giving me such good memories! I’ll keep working hard to show my fans wonderful performances and to promote myself to all music fans. I’ll be right back!! love you all:)”

Hyoseok writes, “Thank you to company for the experience and memories and to LEDA. We will live with gratitude. Thank you for the memories that I could not forget. Someday, we will meet again. Love you!”

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本当に多くの経験をさせてくださった会社も本当に多くの思い出を残してくれた俺たちのレダも今まで本当に幸せな時間を過ごさせてくれてありがとうございます。 いつも笑いながら、感謝しながら生きて行きます。 一生忘れられない思い出を作ってくれてありがとうございます。 いつかまた会える日まで、みなさんもいつも楽しく、笑いながら、幸せに生きていてください。愛してます!家族たち! やっぱり笑顔が可愛いねー! 정말 많은경험을 시켜준 우리 회사도 정말 많은추억을 남겨준 우리 레다도 지금까지 너무나 행복한시간을 보내게 해주셔서 감사합니다. 항상 웃으면서 삶에 감사하면서 살겠습니다. 평생 잊지못할 추억 만들어주셔서 감사합니다. 언젠가 다시만날 그날까지 사랑합니다 가족들

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Hanbyul also sends a message to the LedT members by saying, “Thank you for finishing the road that I could not. May God bless your souls.” Moreover, Hanbyul thanks the fans who have supported the band.

Meanwhile, the band is known for their songs, “Bad Boys,” “Run To You (Swing)” and “Left Alone.”


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