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Korean male band LEDApple to make their transformation as LedT.

Previously, the male band has undergone several lineup changes. In October of last year, they have announced that at the end of December 2014, a lineup change would happen with members Kwangyeon, Kyumin, and Hanbyul would be leaving the group while members Hyoseok and Youngjun would be remaining.

In January of this year, the group then introduced two new members Kyosung and Hyunsang and with former member Kyumin who is revealed to be continuing with the band, instead of pursuing a solo career as a hip-hop artist.

However, instead of five, a four-member group photo was published. Their agency Starkim Entertainment then reveals that Hyunsang was unable to participate in the group’s promotions as his throat was unwell and that he needed medical treatment.

At the end of June 2015, it was then revealed that member Kyosung would be departing from the group.

The LED in their group name previously stands for “Logic Egoism Delete”, they have then changed it to an explanation “shining as bright as LED whenever they perform”. The band debuted in October of 2010 with their single “Dash”.

The current lineup of the group includes, Hyoseok (Aki), Youngjun (JUN) and Kyumin (Kei).

A header was posted on their official Facebook page on August 16 which writes, “We would newly start as ‘LedT’ from September 1, 2015.”


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