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EXO member Lay plans to take legal action against the sasaeng fans who tries to invade his privacy.

According to Lay’s side, they would be taking legal actions against fans who attempt to invade his privacy after an incident occurred late August 18. They revealed that two sasaeng fans falsified their identities in attempt to get inside the hotel where the EXO member was staying. The disturbances from the incident continued until four in the morning of August 19 and the police were called to the scene.

They also shared that a similar incident happened ten days earlier. Accordingly, four sasaeng fans, who had brought filming equipment, attempted to get into the Chinese drama set which Lay was filming.

Following the incidents, Lay’s side reveals, “There were two incidents which involve malicious sasaeng fans. While Lay was not hurt during those events, his privacy was invaded.”

They also add, “Before understanding and trust is respect. The most important thing is to protect Lay’s safety as well as his private life. With this warning, we want to instill awareness of the law and security in fans while protecting Lay. In the event that his privacy is invaded because of malicious fans once again, the workshop would take action. We will take photo evidence and report the incidents to the authorities and will make a strict legal action.”

Meanwhile, EXO just made their comeback with the track “Lotto” from their third repackaged album of the same name.

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