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Viewers of the SBS variety program “Law of the Jungle” has requested for actress Choi Yeo Jin to be edited out following her mother’s recent controversial statement towards athlete Ki Bo Bae.

Recently, the mother of Choi Yeo Jin gained attention after she posted an insult towards Olympic gold medalist Ki Bo Bae through her Instagram account. She posted, “Ulzzang (best face) archer Ki Bo Bae. Do you hit your target whenever you eat dog meat? I am sorry. I may sound ignorant, but I am going to curse a bit. B****, you must be foolish. Are you attempting to portray Korea as a savage country? If it helps you hit your mark, why do you try to eat your mother and father as well… why, did you not hear that human meat is great as well? B****, your head is full of s*** #KiBoBaeCrazyB**** #LetsNotEmbarassKorea”

Choi Yeo Jin mother instagram

She later deleted the post after receiving criticisms for the harsh words and posted an apology. Following this controversy, viewers were displeased with the appearance of Choi Yeo Jin on the recent broadcast of “Law of the Jungle.”

While some netizens request for her removal from the show, others have defended the actress saying that the criticisms are unfair since she did not say the insults herself.

Meanwhile, Choi Yeo Jin nor the staff of “Law of the Jungle” has yet to comment on the issue.

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