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Lady Jane reveals her thoughts on her appearance on “King of Masked Singer” and responds to recent plastic surgery accusations.

On the recent broadcast of the MBC singing competition “King of Masked Singer,” Lady Jane joined the show under the alias Archery Girl.

Lady Jane as Archery Girl

During an interview, she shares, “I did not know that people would cheer that much for me. It was a bit nerve-racking when the viewers looked at me carefully and screamed at the moment when I took off my mask. It is for the thrill of that moment that one would want to appear on ‘King of Masked Singer.’”

After received praise for her rendition of the Park Ki Young song “Start,” Lady Jane shares, “I have always liked to sing lively songs. I could not sing it like Park Ki Young sunbae. However, I wanted to sing it in Lady Jane’s way. I am also in the middle of recording my new album, but I have practiced a lot.”

With regards to having plastic surgery accusations, she responds, “I really did not get any plastic surgery. Honestly, I felt a lot of pressure about coming to ‘King of Masked Singer.’ Because of that, I lost around six kilograms due to stress and practicing. That is the reason why face looked slimmer.”

Lady Jane also adds, “I really did not get plastic surgery. It feels good to hear people say that I got prettier.”

With regards to her upcoming album, she shares, “It is a heartfelt trilogy about separation. The album contains the songs which I made. I do not want to be a singer-songwriter by name, I want to show my listeners that I am one.”