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Ladies’ Code reveals their thoughts on their comeback without members RiSe and EunB.

On the recent press conference for the recent comeback of Ladies’ Code with the single “MYST3RY,” the members reveal their struggles after making a comeback in two years following the passing of their fellow members RiSe and EunB.

Sojung reveals, “At first, we were really scared. While we were preparing, we talked amongst ourselves. We often said positive things like ‘We would do fine.’ Today, we had our first performance, we felt excited and it made us feel good.”

Ladies’ Code comeback

Ashley then adds, “We had a lot of worries that time. It was really difficult for us to accept that both of them are no longer by our side. It was also difficult to decide if we should stand on stage once again or give up. We gained the strength since a lot of kind people around us gave us a lot of encouragement and our fans also believed and waited for us. Since a lot of time has passed by, the three of us were able to rely on each other and become closer.”

Zuny also reveals, “We have never thought about recruiting new members. We only decided to do our best for RiSe and EunB.”

Ladies’ Code also reveals that it was difficult for them to sing two of their ballad songs which was about the pain of farewell.

Sojung reveals, “It was difficult when we were recording. I think that there was more emotions into it compared to our first and second albums.”

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