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Ladies’ Code has been revealed to be making their comeback after 2 years of hiatus.

It has been reported that remaining members Sojung, Ashley and Zuny have recovered from their previous car accident in late 2014 which took the lives of members EunB and RiSe. It is also said that the girls are still receiving psychological therapy, but they are receiving it lesser than before.

Ladies’ Code’s upcoming comeback would be their first comeback since their single “Kiss Kiss” in 2014. The group released the song, “Smile Even If It Hurts” as a tribute to members EunB and RiSe in September of 2014 but had no official promotions for it.

A source from the group’s management agency Polaris Entertainment reveals, “In order to show something new, we have been receiving songs from different sources. We are preparing to make a comeback as soon we are able to decide on a track.”

The source further revealed that Ladies’ Code looks like they would be ready soon and that if everything goes well, they could be able to make their comeback before spring.

With regards to the addition of new members for Ladies’ Code, the source reveals, “Nothing has been decided yet. However, it is likely that we would stay with just the current three.”


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