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f(x) member Krystal reveals her future plans and beauty secrets on recent makeup brand event in China.

On April 27, Krystal attended a makeup brand event in China where she reveals her upcoming projects and beauty secrets.

She reveals, “Currently, I am shooting a film in Beijing and will also soon start a drama. As a result, I have been going back and forth from China.”

When asked about the secret behind her beauty, Krystal reveals, “I work out a lot and take sleep very importantly. Although it is good to eat and sleep well and have a set schedule, however, I don’t live a regular lifestyle. I keep myself hydrated by using mask packs to manage my skin.”

The f(x) member also reveals, “I usually prefer a natural look, which is why I almost never wear any makeup. If needed, I use powder cushion.”

With regards to her future projects, she reveals, “I think that I will be more active in China and visit more often. Please give me a lot of support and I hope that you will look forward to what I have in stored.”

She is known for her roles in the dramas, “My Lovely Girl,” “The Heirs,” and “High Kick 3.” Following her promotions with f(x), Krystal is currently filming for the Chinese-Korean film, “Kite Flying.” Just recently, she was also revealed to be dating EXO member Kai.


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