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Koyote member Shinji was revealed to have been rushed to the hospital yesterday morning after she has collapsed due to a 40-degree fever.

Reports reveal that Shinji has suddenly fainted on the morning of July 29 after suffering from a high fever, her manager who was there with her that morning had rushed her to the hospital.

It has been said that Shinji has been busy lately and stressed out following her solo debut. The priority would be the singer’s condition and would be continuing her promotions once she would get well.

Shinji’s representatives have then released their official statements following the singer’s condition.

“It is true that Shinji was hospitalized. Her fever has now gone down, currently, she is resting at the hospital,” Shinji’s representatives reveal.

The representatives also clarified, “The reason was not because of relapse of pyelonephritis (commonly known as the inflammation of the kidney due to bacterial infection) which she has suffered previously. This was also not because any kind of specific condition. Her body was overworked because of her solo album preparations and because of her vocalist work. Shinji would take care of her body as much as she can at the hospital. She would then discharged at the doctor’s recommendations.”

Shinji is a member of a Korean group Koyote which is a dance and hip hop group. Her fellow members include Kim Jong Min and Bbaek Ga.


Meanwhile, Shinji has recently released “My Heart is Racing” which is a trot single.

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