Home » Korea’s ‘Queen of Ballads’ Baek Ji Young to sing an OST for ‘Producer’

Veteran singer Baek Ji Young has been revealed to be singing an OST for the drama ‘Producer’.

Her new OST ‘And…’ will showcase Baek Ji Young’s unique singing style. It has also been produced by Kim Eui Suk who also wrote the title song for the drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’.

“After Lee Seung Chul and Kim Yeon Woo, Baek Ji Young would be the third singer to lend her voice for an OST for the drama ‘Producer’,” reveals a representative from Sony Music.

“We are also aware that some audiences were disappointed due to the lack of romantic scenes after the airing of the first episode. The romance will progress in the third episode which is why we have chosen Baek Ji Young to sing the third OST to be able to match the mood in the drama,” the representative continues.

Baek Ji Young has been named as the ‘Queen of Ballad’ in Korea due to her hit ballad songs.

She has also sang Original Sound Tracks for popular dramas such as ‘Again, I Love You Today’ from ‘The Princess’ Man’, ‘Spring Rain’ from ‘Gu family Book’, ‘Don’t Forget’ from ‘IRIS’, and ‘After a Long Time’ from ‘Rooftop Prince’.

The OST ‘That Woman’, for the hit Korean drama Secret Garden’, was considered as her most popular OST and has won at the 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards for the Best OST category.

Meanwhile, on May 26 an OST album for ‘Producer’ would be released offline.

Are you excited for Baek Ji Young’s new OST?