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Actor Kim Woo Bin reveals his thoughts on competing with his good friend, actor Lee Jong Suk.

On the recent press conference for the new KBS 2TV drama “Uncontrollably Fond,” Kim Woo Bin reveals his thoughts about competing with Lee Jong Suk and his drama “W” since both shows would be airing at the same time slot.

Kim Woo Bin reveals, “Just this morning, I texted Lee Jong Suk and told him that I was coming to a press conference and that I was nervous. He was working hard on the set of ‘W.’ Jong Suk also says that everyone on their set is talking about ‘Uncontrollably Fond.’”

He also adds, “It is such an honor to compete with a friend. It isn’t every day that this happens which is why we are supporting each other.”

Kim Woo Bin also talks about his girlfriend, actress Shin Min Ah and his close friend actor Lee Min Ho, who is the boyfriend of his “Uncontrollably Fond” co-star miss A’s Suzy.

He says, “Every time a teaser from the drama comes out, Shin Min Ah would give me support. She is looking forward to the show.”

Kim Woo Bin adds, “I am also close with Lee Min Ho. He contacts me and supports me as well.”

Meanwhile, the new KBS drama “Uncontrollably Fond” will take the Wednesdays and Thursdays time slot and will premiere on July 6.


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