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Actress Kim So Hyun reveals her thoughts behind her decision about her education and career.

April of last year, Kim So Hyun revealed that she would not be entering high school and would be home schooled instead.

In a recent interview with media outlet Xports News, Kim So Hyun talks about her decision by saying, “I have not regretted my decision of not entering high school. I really like meeting great friends at school. However, it was hard to both pursue acting and academics. I could not fully participate in class but had to take all the exams. I got embarrassed whenever I received poor grades.”

She also adds, “Putting those things into consideration, I gave up entering high school. I thought that instead of spending three years in high school, I should focus on acting instead and then study whenever I have the time.”

Kim So Hyun then shares, “Honestly, I was not really sure about my decision back then. Fortunately, I was able to participate in great productions, and I am glad that everything is going quite well. I also do not feel the emptiness caused by not going to school since I am at school during some of my acting projects. I am making great memories on set.”

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun is known for her roles in the dramas, “Moon Embracing the Sun,” “Rooftop Prince,” “I Can Hear Your Voice,” “The Girl Who Sees Smells,” “Who Are You: School 2015” and “Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight.”

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