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Actress Kim Se Ah reportedly charged with adultery, her side denies the reports.

The reports reveal, “Kim Se Ah has maintained inappropriate relations with a vice chairman of an accounting firm and has been accused of adultery after decisive evidence of her role in splitting a marriage. She first met up with the vice chairman through business then had a relationship with him. The vice chairman had a service contract with the actress, providing her with 5 million KRW per month through the firm’s finances, as well as transportation, a designated driver, and a luxury studio.”

The report also stated, “The wife of the vice chairman has accused the actress of adultery and has filed claims for alimony amounting to 10 million KRW.”

However, Kim Se Ah’s side has denied such reports. Through a phone interview, her side reveals, “Kim Se Ah had no relations with anyone in the accounting field. The reports are completely untrue. We have not heard anything about anyone pressing charges against Kim Se Ah.”

Meanwhile, MBC has also addressed the rumor that Kim Se Ah would be leaving the ongoing drama “Monster” because of the adultery reports. They reveal, “Kim Se Ah would not be appearing in ‘Monster’ anymore. She only had a small role, from episodes 5-8. It is not that she is leaving, it is just that her character’s part has already ended.”

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