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Actor Kim Rae Won talks about his chemistry with actress Park Shin Hye for “Doctors” and his previous dating experience.

During an interview with Woman Sense, the actor reveals his thoughts on the SBS drama “Doctors.” He shares, “I was excited and worried at the same time that I might seem inconsistent. But, people watched me and said that I was cute.”

With regards to his chemistry with co-star Park Shin Hye who is nine years younger than him, Kim Rae Won says, “To be honest, I was burdened by the cheesy dialogue. However, as we acted on set, I realized that the dialogue was great, and the words rolled right off my tongue.”

He also adds, “It is always fun with Shin Hye. Her high kick left a bruise on my left thigh and butt. We were early for filming, and it helped me relaxed. I don’t think that I was motivated enough before that.”

Kim Rae Won also comments, “I should film an action movie with Shin Hye next time.”

When asked about his dating life, the actor shares, “I had a girlfriend which I dated every now and then. However, when I started shooting the film, ‘Gangnam Blues,’ our relationship faded away.”

He also explains, “During that time, I had a great desire to be really immersed in my role. I wanted for acting to be my top priority. But, when I get older, I would like to focus on the people I love.”


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