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Actor Kim Rae Won praises his “Doctors” co-star Park Shin Hye for her acting skills.

On Kim Rae Won’s recent interview, he talks about his nine year age gap with Park Shin Hye by saying, “I did not feel the age difference at all. We treated each other just like friends, and that was the right thing to do. I tried to match with her, and since I am the senior, Park Shin Hye would try to match with me by asking, ‘How do you want to do this?’”

He also adds, “Our chemistry became good since we tried to match well with each other. In some dramas, some actors would just close themselves off and do their own. However, with this show, we opened ourselves up. Acting isn’t something which you could do by yourself. I could have done a better job with Hong Ji Hong’s character as well. However, people would not want to watch it for those reasons, and it would be useless. On that end, Park Shin Hye is a very smart actress.”

When asked about Kim Rae Won’s plans for marriage, he reveals, “I do not know yet. I have filmed two movies and still have lots to do. Marriage would not probably for another few years. I am not self-centered, but I have big dreams for the 2nd leg of my career.”

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Meanwhile, Kim Rae Won has recently wrapped up his drama “Doctors.”