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Produce 101” contestant turned solo artist, Kim Joo Na, shares her thoughts on dating and reveals which member of INFINITE she is close with.

On Kim Joo Na’s recent photo shoot and interview with International bnt, the solo singer was asked if she was close with any celebrities. To this, Kim Joo Na then responds, “Recently, I happened to cross paths with INFINITE member Dongwoo. We ended up becoming friends. We also both live in Nam-yang, so I felt like we are neighbors. He is also a senior with such a great personality whom I could learn a lot from.”

With regards to her dating style and ideal type, the solo artist shares, “I like someone whom I could share hobbies with. I am the type to dislike awkward situations, so I think that I would like someone that I could date comfortably.”

She also adds, “I would like a relationship where I could tell the other person about my hardships and rely on him.”

When asked about what she wants to be known as, Kim Joo Na then reveals that she would like to be known as ‘warm Joo Na.’ She further explains, “I would like to be a warm person and the same goes for my music.”

Meanwhile, Kim Joo Na has gained attention for appearing on the Mnet survival program, “Produce 101” and for being known as actor Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister. She has also made her debut as a solo artist with the track, “Summer Dream.”

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